Outer Inner World

TL;DR An attempt at something new.

This about page takes the form of short evaluations of various concepts, some new and some familiar, which taken together point to why the website exists without an apparent brand or clear focus.


As the word static is to the word state, so the word dynamic is to the word dynate. A state is a snapshot of a physical system, and a state is a political entity. In both cases the concept is inherently static. A dynate is to be something which is inherently dynamic.


The origins of the word brand seem to lie in need of ancient shepards to mark their herds to keep them apart. A foundational component of the notion is therefore domination of nature; from this perspective there is a sense in which as branded humans and organisations we are dominating ourselves. It has become so commonplace that any meaningful organisation or gesture in society must be branded that the fact it's a socially constructed phenomenon goes for the most part unnoticed.


The idea of an identified being is central to the individualism that permeates the modern world. In an attempt to shake free from this, the website is an attempt at portraying only the creative output of the being; to attempt to be a creative being, rather than an identified being. Creativity inherently moves, dynamically disrupting the attempt of the ego to make the being static and individual.

Social creativity

This is the idea that there exists a possible creativity of the commons, which would transcend an individual's creative ability, and even our ability to grasp its effects and internal motivating factors.

Symbol (in Carl Jung's sense)

In the glossary of 'Psychological Types' Jung carefully distinguishes a sign from a symbol. He sees a sign as being something that connotes a specific meaning, e.g. a road-sign. A symbol he sees as something qualitatively different - the best attempt at describing something mysterious which we cannot fully describe. This about section is in some sense a symbol, as to the question "what's it all about?" the answer is "not fully sure, but something like this."